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Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be done responsibly. Consider gambling an entertainment and have fun when you play. If you feel that you are not enjoying yourself be aware that you and your close ones may be impacted negatively by gambling.

Should this moment arise, ask yourself;

Do I have a gambling problem?

Is gambling all I think about during the day?

Do I use grocery or rent money to gamble?

When losing, do you feel desperate and want to play again even if you are running out of money?

Do you lie or take away family funds to gamble?

Have you lost interest to anything else but gambling?

Do you avoid responsibilities to gamble?

If answered yes to one or more of these questions then it is possible that you are encountering a gambling problem. Do not worry there are ways to get out of it. First step was done, you identified the issue.

Consider contacting:

Gamcare, at

Gamblers Anonymous at

Take a Break!

Gambling platforms will allow you to stay away from playing for a while and taking a break. Search for the exclusion section on the website and follow the steps that the platform is asking.

The period you may be able to stay away from playing can range from a day to more than 6 weeks. Choose which one suits you best when asked to. You will be automatically enrolled to play again once the period chosen has ended.

Self-exclusion with GAMSTOP

If taking a break on every platform you are enrolled is not for you, enrolling to Gamstop at will exclude you from any gambling platform registered in the UK.

Use the Platform’s Tools

Using the tools available you can view how long have you played and when was your last session. The pop-up reminder will be visible on the site when playing. Consider how many hours would you like to play and view your activity history.


Keep your personal details, personal and secure. When in doubt that someone knows you details, update your password as soon as you can. You are solely responsible for the security of your funds so keep an eye on everything and do not share your username and password.

Gambling +18

These links can ensure that parents can block any gambling activity, not allowing their children to login to gambling sites. Use these to keep your children away from playing.

Net Nanny at

Cybersitter at

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