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Poker Strategies, Rule #1

Our first rule when it comes to Poker Strategies is a very simple one, why is it you are playing poker in the first place? Why do you want to play casino online? For Money? Is it for monetary gain or simply for fun? Depending on your answer should dictate how you approach the board. We should state that there is no harm in playing for fun — we actually do it from time to time when we aren’t raking in the big ones, it actually serves as good practice, which is one of the main tips we can offer any aspiring poker players out there: practice on low amounts or simply for free in order to hone your craft, and challenge anyone before you!

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Understanding the Different Poker Strategies

To some, poker might be one of the easiest games in the world to master — which doesn’t then mean that you are going to absorb and all strategies instantly without there being any learning curve. For a casino lover like you, Fun88 has something that can help you improve. Every avid player should know that to master this sort of game, you need to understand the differences between each strategy, as all of them come with their own exploits that you can avoid at any and all cost.

Types of strategies

All strategies can be dissected as the following:

  • Tight: otherwise known as playing with caution, this includes playing low hands and not taking ridiculous risks that could throw you the game.
  • Loose: goes without saying, but the opposite of a playing tight, meaning you will be playing a lot of hands with a more optimistic demeanour when it comes to gambling.
  • Aggressive: to play aggressive is to bet a lot, which does include opening pots and making bloated bets when under pressure.
  • Passive: the opposite of aggressive, which essentially covers calling rather than betting, allowing your opponent to dictate the game as you respond accordingly.

Pick Your Strategy

In order for one to find a style and strategy that works for them, then they will need to pick one of the above. You might find that you play a style that covers more than one of these strategies at once, this is fine, but we find that making a decision to stick with one will be a lot more rewarding in the long run. For long term successes, you’ll find that you earn more from betting aggressively when the time comes. We would recommend getting a feel for each of these different methods, which will give you an idea on all aspects of the game in return. In addition, this site offers you also baccarat winning strategy in case you want to know so.

Knowing your Position

In poker, the dealer will be the last player to do something in the betting round. Acting last provides one with a tactical advantage, as you are aware of the other players moves leading up until this point. We should state that the dealer position does change with every hand so you’ll find that the advantage is spread in order for it to be a fair game. If you wish to take advantage of your position effectively, then you should play more hands in a late position (one towards the end of a betting round), this will allow you to relax your hand requirements in a late position, which allows you to make decisions in return.

Bluffs: Make Them Make Sense

Having a good hand in front of you will always be the difference between winning and losing. Players should also know that the more opponents you challenge, the greater the chances are that they themselves have a high hand in their possession. A well-timed and executed bluff can render any player useless no matter how grand their hands happen to be. In poker, it is vital that you cause players with better hands to fold, unless of-course you have a hand that is sure to win. You should remember that there are some players out there who count cards for a living, so if you’ve shown to have a weak hand, then the possibility of that player folding is incredibly low. Be sure to bluff when you are most confident that you are going to bring others to submission.

Be Aware of your Odds and Outs

An odd is a way of describing the probability of victory, think of throwing a coin, you only have a 50% chance of guessing the outcome. Now, let’s say you have four hearts and are waiting for that last one in order to be in the possession of a flush, which should automatically give you the hand. In total there are 13 clubs in a 52 card deck, with 3 of them in your hand. which leaves quite a few out there for you to find. Thus establishing a set of odds depending on the amount of cards still yet to be played — if you know that all hearts are in the hands of opponents, then your odds will be incredibly slim.


We encourage all players to work out there odds before they make the decision to fold or call during the final rounds. Be sure to always have in mind what it is you are exactly trying to do based on your odds. We hope that this article has assisted in some way.

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