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What is Edge Sorting then?

Edge Shorting can be a powerful weapon. There is an art in taking advantage of your opponents weaknesses in card games. So much so that many travel the globe in search of the best teachers, when all they had to do was read this article. We like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to this sort of topic. So much so that we have decided that keeping all of this information to ourselves is somewhat selfish; why can’t everyone revel in the info and secrets we say.

Having this type of technique in card games has led players to switch to top online slots. Where they can play in a fair game. And that is a sad fact. You need to read this article if you have played in a highly competitive card game prior and have fallen victim to edge sorting. We hope that this article will shed light on what went wrong, and how you can get a leg up on the competition the next time.

Edge sorting is cheating

Just so you know before we get into this article, edge sorting is considered cheating. This is something that was bound to happen in this sort of industry where there is a lot riding on most hands dealt in highly competitive games. Although we don’t condone cheating, we would like to highlight what to look out for in future. To make sure that your games go as smooth and as fair as possible. There’s nothing worse than a really competitive matchup only to have it spoiled by an edge sorting cheat who has tampered with the cards in advance.

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How Edge Sorting Works

Time to get into the details of it all. Edge sorting is when the backs of cards are marked in some way in order to tell the tamperer which cards are in certain hands once dealt. This is something thought to be impossible. Given the quality of some cards, but low and behold here we are discussing it. Not every pack of cards you see will have been tampered with. We should state this outright just in case some of you out there are simply curious. If you are yet to play a high stakes card game, no this is something that only a veteran player would know how to take advantage of.

How this works is very simple — despite sounding unnecessarily complicated. You see the backs of most cards feature a specific sort of pattern. One that when rotated 180° will set up an advantage for the person tampering. The player will then ask the dealer rotate all high value cards facing up. More often than not the player will cite superstition as the reason for this change. They will have unwillingly created a chain of events that will give this player the advantage that they need to win it all from this singular moment. Very simple but not worth the risk as it is an illegal move to make. Instead of going through such risks, why not play fair in King Jack or Casimba with a wide variety of slot machines, table games and live dealer games to play with a variety of stakes.

Edge Sorting Explained

The irregularity in the cards will have orientated the deck so that high value cards are facing one way. Whereas the low value cards go in the other direction. This is something that will allow the tamperer to easily know which cards are low and which are high. Thus distinguishing which hands are what, and therefore how best to approach that particular round. The orientation of these cards will remain as long as the cards are not washed or have been rotated by the player holding them. The player might suggest using an automatic shuffler if this is the case. As they have been known to not alter the state of the cards, thus keeping the ruse in play and avoiding suspicion.

Unlike card counting, edge sorting is considered highly illegal given how much of an advantage it can provide someone. So much so that in 2012, Phil Ivey was forced by law to pay back the Borgata Casino for cheating their way to 9.6 million dollars in a game of high stakes baccarat. Ivey was forced to pay back 10 million dollars for scamming the casino and has since then been banned from any and all casinos nationwide for his actions. It’s a fools game to participate in edge sorting, but we have no doubt that there are still many out there today doing it.

Edge Sorting & Casino Gaming

We would advise sticking to online only card games if you are seriously worried about this sort of issue in the future. It won’t eat up much of your time searching for casino guide. This will help you find the best casino for playing card games. Google is always there or read our prepared article for this. The risk of this happening is very slim, although there will be many out there a little hesitant to play with people they believe to be somewhat on the fringes. Unfortunately this is something that we have to contest with. Playing against friends should never be an issue. It’s only in the high stakes games where this will become a high topic of conversation so try not to worry.

Experts’ Opinion

Since more players are utilising this cheating method, more and more content is coming out discussing this. Many experts in the field have gone on record to talk badly of this method. They explained how these experts have managed to pull this off for so long. Hopefully enough players will cotton on to this so that it can be taken out of the game completely. There’s nothing worse than a game thats been tampered with.

PSA serving

Especially if there is a lot of money on the line and plenty of new players to be taken advantage of. We hope that this article serves as a PSA to any players out there in need of the heads up. Although if you are going to use this method for your own gain, we suggest that you tread lightly. Not a lot of players will take lightly to something that is believed to be cheating in certain scenarios.

Last Notes 

And there you have it, that’s a quick 101 on what edge sorting is. A guide on what to look out for in future. We hope that in future you have the foresight to know what you’re getting yourself into. Remember, if you believe a game to be rigged, maybe you could use this to your own advantage. Simply rotate the cards the right way up and you will trick the tamperer. They will believe you have an incorrect hand, thus giving you the advantage. Just remember that most card games are games of skill, so you should always be on your toes regardless.

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