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Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy is your bread and butter when coming to the table. Any fans of the hit table game roulette will no doubt have a strategy that works for them, although sometimes there is always going to be that one thing that throws you for a loop. In this article we are going to provide players of all entry levels with a crash course on what to remember and which roulette strategy to implement when taking to the roulette table. Even some of the most dedicated of players need a reminder from time to time. We consider ourselves experts in this field, having played roulette semi-semi-professionally for around 10 years now; meaning you should trust our judgement in these sorts of environments. Now let’s get into it.

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The Basics of Roulette Strategy

Before we get into some of the more intermediate strategies to keep in mind, we should first go over a few of the basics. This is just as simple as playing slots free online, that even you can master in no time. You’d be surprised at how many players forget about the basics to the game, which is why we’re going to gloss over them in this section — and there might be a few new players out there who want to learn a thing or two so this section is for them. In roulette the goal is to successfully predict the number/colour of the ball that’s spinning round the wheel. There are 37 different pockets, 38 if you are playing American roulette. Half the numbers are coloured red and the other are black. You can place varying levels of chips depending on how confident you are feeling with your chances.

Strategies for Roulette

Be sure to go into every game of roulette with a set strategy in mind. You may play at your favorite online casino and even at Gala Casino, just make sure that you are playing at legit one. There are multiple different techniques out there for one to perfect, each offering something different depending on your play style and what it is you want to achieve. Those who want to play smart will find that there is something for them, whereas to some who want to find victories fast then you will find that there is a strategy out there for you too. Remembering these strategies will be difficult at first, but the more you play the more you will absorb.


Different play styles will harbour different strategies, for example the Martingale strategy, which involves doubling up your betting with every loss in order to make up for money lost in previous bets. In this strategy you need to keep in mind that you need x amount of money. If you don’t have the funds then it might be best to step away. This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give, one that will transcend any strategy, that being the ability to know what sort of situation you are in financially at the table, and when too many losses is enough to cause you to step aside and call it a day.

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Reverse Martingale

This should be self-explanatory if you’ve read the previous section, all you will need to do for this method is do the polar opposite of what you would normally do in the Martingale strategy, which is to increase your bets should you win, and lower your bets should you lose. This is essentially the thinking mans technique as it doesn’t involve a lot of risk, and depending on your current luck, could see you coming away with massive amounts of money at the table. The idea of this strategy is that you will keep a hot streak running while minimising the risk involved.

The same tips apply, simply find yourself a roulette table with a high max bet and a small minimum bet outright. Start by betting on a specific colour and stick with it, if you lose then you should put less on it, come out on top and you should increase your amount accordingly. A very self-explanatory strategy fit for players old and new, remember that.


Yet another safe strategy for one to choose from, the D’Alembert strategy involves making meticulous decisions based on each and every bet you set down outright. Essentially you are going to be increasing/decreasing your bets based on the previous bet, which is arguably better than doubling your bet after each successful victory. This is the perfect strategy for entry level players as it encourages patience and time; taking a step back to make the right decision moving forwards.

Tips for this strategy involves placing a small bet on black or red, from here you will slowly increase your wager after each loss, decreasing it slightly should you lose that particular spin. It’s important that you use this strategy with a level of self-awareness, if your losses are equal to your winnings, then maybe it’s time to call it a day. The goal here is to make smart decisions based on reading the table and your previous wins. As we already mentioned, a perfect strategy for new players.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

A more mathematical strategy fit for players who consider themselves elite. In this strategy you are going to have to utilise a series of numbers that was first coined in the early 1200’s thanks to famous mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. Basically, the sequence is characterised by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones. Meaning one can leave with a profit even if they’ve lost more games than they’ve won.

Again the tips here run somewhat similar to the other methods we’ve already discussed here. All you need do is set a small bet on black or red. Should you lose you should be decreasing your bet depending on how much you have set outright, for example you lose £2, you should then bet another £2, lose that then you should be betting £4 in order to bring your winnings back up to a starting position. Should you win, move back two numbers in your sequence and bet that amount.  This is essentially a thinking-mans sort of strategy that involves making the right decisions in order to always come out with a profit.

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