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Blackjack Double Down

Blackjack Double down is a skill to master. This is a game of skill, one that requires the upmost attention with each and every hand you are dealt. This is true, although a lot about the game is still considered confusing among a lot of players out there. Players who are looking at getting more versatile at the game. In this article we are going to be going over one of the most popular blackjack techniques such as blackjack double down going today. We are talking about the double down method that will only see your victories doubled. Especially when you consider the fact that there are multiple ways to secure a win, of-course it all depends on the situation and context overall. Now, let’s get into it.

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What is the Double Down Method

When used correctly, you’ll find that the double down method is incredibly profitable. Which is one of the main takeaways of this method. To double down is the double your initial wager. Which is somewhat self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised in how many out there don’t know when to double down. You will only be able to double down after receiving your first two cards. However this does not then mean that you cannot double down later in the game, it just depends on the context of your game. When you win a double down wager, you will find that your profits double also. Which is one of the better reasons as to why you should be utilising this strategy to the best of your ability wherever applicable.

The Rules of the Double Down

Depending on the location, the rules of the double down differs from casino to casino. However, you will find that the general rules do follow. In most casinos today, players can find that they are able to double down on the first two cards. It all depends on whether or not they are playing live or online blackjack as there are a few rules that differ. Some casinos restrict doubling down on totals of 9, 10 or 11. Again you can only double down on the first two cards in certain casino establishments.

When splitting  pair you will also find that you can double down. Which is yet another reason to be excited. We should state that not a lot of casinos let you do this. And that you should consult the house rules when considering setting a bet down if you are looking at utilising the double down.


Once you have decided to double and set your wager accordingly, you will be given another card which is placed across the two original cards dealt. On this hand you aren’t really permitted to do anything else. Just simply sit back and wait, as you cannot hit your hand after a double down. You can only stand and hope for the best, which is otherwise known as luck. And is something that every acid blackjack player will cite as the main element in their victories.

How to Double Down

To double down is easy, all you require is a few chips that you will add to your original stack of chips. Thus signifying that you want to double down, simple right? From this point moving forwards, the dealer will have recognised your wager and will implement all double down rules as we’ve already stated. If you are going to be doubling down on a pair, then it is important that you utter the words: double down. Why this is comes down to the dealer perhaps not recognising what is going on after you are meaning to double down even after the first couple of cards have been dealt. Most dealers will recognise what’s going on. But it’s best just to be safe and let them know regardless.

Let’s Talk Strategy

Like anything involving blackjack, there are multiple different ways go in order to secure double the profits. Veterans of the game will tell you that you should be doubling down every time when you reach a total of 11. This is simply because the possibilities of you coming close to 21 after that are very simple and very likely. Thus meaning your wager will more than likely come through with fortuitous proportions. Remember, the aim in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible. So always having an 11 on hand is always the desired effect.

Card counting

There are those who count cards as a part of their strategies on the table. These sorts of players will always be ahead of the curve simply because of the list of benefits that comes with counting cards. Doubling down and card counting go hand in hand. When married together will actually provide you with the foresight that will only see you coming out with many wins under your belt.

Negative Card Counting

If you find that the deck you have has a very negative count, then you should probably avoid doubling down. This is because there is a risk that will see the dealer taking your chips. A negative deck is one that consists of lower numbers that have a very slim chance of providing one with 21 or anywhere close to it. Should the dealer have a 10 in their possession, then you will find that the game might already be done. So be sure to keep that in mind before trying to double down. On the other hand should the dealer have a low amount then you will know that the odds are within your favour should you have a much higher selection of cards in your hand. From this point you should be putting additional chips down this signifying a double down.


We hope that this article has provided you with enough information and confidence in how best to utilise the double down. We understand that these sorts of methods can appear intimidating at first, but once you have used it in the run of play a few times, you become a lot more wise to it, and knowing when best to double down will always have its financial rewards.

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