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Can You Make Money through Card Counting

Can you make money through card counting? Any of you out there looking to make big bucks on card games such as blackjack will have probably heard of the technique known as card counting. Card counting is a full proof system that requires one to get into a certain mindset. One that is incredibly attentive, where one must be able to clear their mind of all other thoughts aside from victory. If you have always wanted to learn this technique then hopefully this article sheds light on the ways that you can best approach card counting the smart way. An article that will give you that much needed advantage in games that might possess high stakes.

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Can you make money from Card Counting?

Short answer, yes, you can make money card counting if you are smart with it. Which is true of all other techniques out there that are somewhat similar to card counting. Most effective during games of blackjack, card counting is a strategy that puts players in a position where they can determine which cards are going to be at an advantage to their hand. This involves keeping a mental note of all cards shown up to a given point. There are so many cards to keep track of, which is why one requires a very strong mind and memory based skills. You need to have those skills if they are going to be using this in the most fortuitous ways possible.


The benefits of card counting is that it poses less risk to players who are wanting to come out on top. Minimising losses is the aim of the game. Simply because the player will be aware of the cards that are active within the dealers hand. Thus giving them the constant edge when playing against the house and other players. Another name for card counting is card reading. Which actually refers to gaining even more awareness of each card in play. This involves a lot more attention where one must be aware of the cards within other players hands when shown as well as that of the dealer.

Getting Started

There are various different ways to approach card counting. You will find that some of the elite players will count multiple different cards at any given time. But for any entry level counters out there we would recommend keeping an eye out for high cards. As these appear to benefit players more so than the dealer. Aces and 10s are far more valuable, and therefore should take front in terms of the cards you focus more on.

The higher the concentration of cards, the more beneficial this is to the player in the long run. Reasons why this is so, comes down to many different reasons. First off it increases the chance of hitting a natural blackjack in the run of play. Also when the shoe has many 10s, this allows players a much higher chance of landing 9s 10s and 11s which are far more useful in hitting 21 by proxy.

Difficult to memorise

Although it might appear to be somewhat difficult to memorise certain cards, it’s actually not that complicated. You need to be keeping track of cards that you are looking for to help you in your specific hand. One technique most card counters use involved keeping a “running count” . This is a technique where all they need do is estimate the value of other cards. And then track the sum of values that are shown past this point. This is the technique utilised by some of the top players out in the game presently. And is also a very simplistic technique that is perfect for entry level card counters who are looking for quick wins while counting the cards outright.

Card Counting Strategies for Blackjack

Basic card counting should begin with the assignment of varying values on cards that are available to the player. Most players will label the cards accordingly. Values that players put on these cards involve positive, negative and zero. Low cards increase the count as they increase the percentage of high cards in the remaining set of cards. While high cards decrease it for the opposite reason. For example, one system known as the “hi-lo” system. It essentially subtracts one of each 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace, while also adding one of any value between 2 and 6. Thus giving you the edge moving forwards. At this point it becomes less like counting cards and more remembering the numbers you’ve memorised.

Back Counting

Back counting is yet another technique that one can use, otherwise known as “wonging.” This technique involves standing behind the table and counting the cards as they are dealt. The player will then enter or decide to step away. The premise here involves you establishing which games are worthy to enter based on what sorts of cards are already available in the deck just going off what other hands have been dealt. You will find that the longing technique comes mostly in shoe games. Meaning you will very rarely see this sort of technique utilised in a casino. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s all about finding what works for you and sticking to it. There are countless other techniques for you to try, it’s just a case of finding what fits.

Different Blackjack Strategies

There are many different systems out there for one to choose from. It really comes down to personal preference as to which are better suited for players of certain levels. Meaning there are no right or wrong ways of going about counting cards. The only important factor is that you design your own system and work around that. It might take longer than others to master this art, but once you have established a base, you will find that there is no stopping what you are capable of.


Keep in mind that some will consider this cheating if you find that you are winning constantly, so maybe think of keeping your techniques to yourself, or perhaps only counting cards when it is important to you. There is a lot of strategy involved here, a mental chess game if you will, so use this new found information wisely, it could bring you many a pretty penny in the future.

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